• What Happens in a Session?

    What Happens in a Session?

    My style is typically to check in with you regarding your general welfare before we create an agenda and dive in. Our work is guided by your goals which we create at the early sessions but continue to check in and refine, if need be.

    I will like to add here that at the beginning of each session I will ask you where you are physically located. This is because I am restricted from providing psychotherapy outside my licensure jurisdiction.

    For us to maximize our sessions, I will like to ask that you determine a space that you would designate as your ‘sacred space’. A space where you will not be disturbed as much as is within your control. A space you can associate with healing. Prior to the pandemic, my office was such a space. I did my best to create that healing ambience within the limits of the physical office. Absent of that, I am encouraging you to take on that responsibility.

    Come prepared for your sessions. Attempt to sit alone for at least 5 minutes quietly before I join the video call. Prior to the pandemic, my office’s waiting room attempts to create that ‘holding space’. I’m inviting you to create it for yourself. Get a pen. A journal. If you want to, a beverage. Light a candle, get comfortable. And let’s get to it 🙂

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