• What does therapy with Joy look like?

    What does therapy with Joy look like?

    Considering starting therapy is a daunting enough feeling without complicating it with wondering what type of human your therapist is likely to be. These thoughts could stop therapy even before it starts. This is why I decided to write this piece: an attempt to give you an idea what working with me looks like.

    Technically, I describe myself as a generalist-eclectic practitioner. This would mean “…considering multiple theoretical frameworks ….. to develop collaboratively a complex comprehensive understanding that fits….choose techniques that fit this in-depth understand” (Coady & Lehman, 2016 p. 27). What this means is together we uncover the many layers of you that has brought you here today and I draw from my wealth of knowledge for a technique I belive will help, with your valued input every step of the way. Will that be an approach you are interested in?

    Now, as a fellow human, expect a therapist that loves to laugh, empathetic, loves to read, a talkative introvert, and fiercely loyal. In therapy I believe in using homework and Journaling to keep our work ongoing till our next appointment. I am not immune to anticipatory anxiety over our first session, as I am hoping to get over that hump that accompanies starting a relationship like this too. But I will assure you: if we both decide this is not a good fit, I am hoping we can promptly facilitate exploring other options. Your needs will always come first: that’s my style.

    Looking forward to meeting you and working with you!

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